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new myspace page

2009-03-09 08:15:08 by HeadCrabGary

Got a page dedicated to my chiptunes on myspace, so any of you who want to add me and stay tuned in that way can, now. Of course, nothing beats the good old neo geo. ;D


it's also on the left hand side of this page, the link to my website will take you there.

And I apologize for the short post, so here is a picture.

new myspace page

Lost In Space

2009-03-08 23:37:55 by HeadCrabGary

Made a new song as a means of venting my frustration at the shitty infrastructure and leadership of McDonalds. It's by no means a masterpiece, but you should still give it a listen, instead of wasting time rating/reviewing the spam in the flash portal. ^^

Chiptune Epiphany

2009-03-03 05:07:19 by HeadCrabGary

Okay so I had this brilliant idea just moments ago..

I can combine three abilities that are lacking on their own, and combine them to make something a little less lacking, and put two of my favorite musical genres together. I will take bluegrass, a musical genre with a small following, and combine it with chiptunes, a genre with an even smaller following, to make a new genre of music of even less interest and no following. Bitgrass, or something, who cares. It doesnt need a name. But it is going to be either so fail that it is win, so awkward that it is so fail that it is win, or just win.

So after i finish this next tune I am making for a friends game, I will begin working on this frankenstein monster of music. Expect great things. :P

Chiptune Epiphany

was able to score another gameboy camera at a local pawn shop for $2.50, and it even matches my green gameboy pocket! So I guess I need to grab a second gameboy, and I could start doing live shows :P

I will start working on another chiptune here in the very very near future, so expect some more 8-bit audio beauty to hit the portal. In the mean time, you can just listen to my other two chiptunes over and over again, until your brain turns to mush. :D

more chiptunes headed your way

Yes, I am finally done with my first song using only the gameboy camera. The limitations were challenging and tedious to work around, but that's what makes using a gameboy as an instrument so awesome. The song is dubbed "Point One" since the gameboy camera has a resolution of .1 megapixels. And obviously I am recommending you go check it out. I also redid some of the audio on 8-Bit Alert, so I will see if I can just swap out the files, or maybe just re-upload it.

Anyways, ENJOI!

8-bit goodness for your ears!

Got my Gameboy in the mail

2009-02-19 23:00:25 by HeadCrabGary

And it is just how I remember them being. Love these little guys. I can just plug em right into my computer and have perfect audio quality, bypass the mic altogether. Gonna bust out some Trippy-H tunes here real soon, after my nap... bahaha..

So keep your eyes peeled for some 8-bit goodness coming to the audio portal.

Got my Gameboy in the mail

Well for the past few months I have been really unmotivated to make flash animations, for whatever reason. Too much work for too lame of a result and too little gratification, probably :P

But don't think I'm just going to stop contributing to NG, hell no. haha.. I am going to make a transition into audio. I mean, I have made a few songs in the past, but I am going to be cranking out an abundance of chiptunes, here in the near future, and I am going to share them with you all. :D

Thought I would let anybody who may care know. Don't expect any more toons from me.

Making a shift from flash into audio


2009-02-13 07:52:20 by HeadCrabGary

Well, i have decided to make a hobby of chiptunes, and won a green gameboy pocket (+ gameboy camera) on ebay. It's just like my first gameboy, color and all. And not only that, but the gameboy camera comes with some mediocre software to make chiptunes with, so I can put off buying actual software for a while.

So in the 7-9 days it takes to arrive, I couldn't help but make a song to celebrate the joyous times, using the Little Sound DJ demo ROM. Since it was the trial version, I was unable to save my work, and thus had to do it all in one unreasonably long sitting. But It's done, and it's uploaded, and I can finally try and go to sleep.




2009-01-27 23:26:23 by HeadCrabGary

the navy is being a bitch about me having been on anti-depressants. So there is paperwork up the ass, and really, I am far too impatient for that shit. So te good news is I may not be going into the service after all. The bad news is, I have been neglecting my flash projects. But mark my words, one of these days, I will release an epic cock tease.



2008-10-14 02:57:39 by HeadCrabGary

I released zombie marv yesterday, with moderate success.
And now that I am satisfied with that piece, FINALLY, I can continue working on my new cartoon.
expect it to be random, and filled with epic lulz.

This will probably be my last piece before I go off to navy bootcamp.
and depending on how things go, could be my last piece for a long long while.